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Welcome to Quickie Mountain 2! This is a kaizo-inspired Celeste custom map modeled after the infamous Super Mario World romhacks Quickie World and Quickie World 2 by Valdio. We hope you enjoy Madeline’s adventure into a brand-new world!

This map pack is aimed for beginner to intermediate players and beyond. All mechanics required to complete each level are taught throughout the campaign. We recommend you play all the A-sides before starting the B sides if you are unfamiliar with hyperdashes, wavedashes, and/or wallbounces. 

In Super Mario World fashion, for the A- and B-sides, players must string together movement and tricks to reach the singular midway checkpoint. The C-sides are one-room challenges that test your ability!

Quickie Mountain 2 has 20 new covers of classic video game music composed by BeanJammin! You can download the album on bandcamp here: https://beanjammin.bandcamp.com/album/quickie-mountain-2-2

Install instructions

Download both zip files and place them in you Mods folder. You need a PC copy of Celeste and Everest, the free Celeste mod loader.


QuickieMountain2.zip 28 MB
QuickieMountain2Audio.zip 126 MB

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